Your Business, Your Payments, Your Way

Streamline your payment processing, fuel growth and provide your customers with a seamless purchase experience by partnering with a payments technology company that develops and integrates payment solutions and services for businesses of all sizes.


any size, any industry

Payment Processing for Any Business


One Platform, A Single Payment Experience

A single payment solution for businesses of all sizes so you can focus on providing a client-centric experience and use payment processing as a catalyst for growth.

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Real-Time Approvals and Processing

Eliminate delays and streamline customer operations by using a platform and hardware solution that provides seamless real-time approvals and payment processing.


No Rate Increases, Complete Transparency

Confidently grow your business with a payment partner that doesn’t increase rates, has zero hidden fees and provides complete visibility into costs and pricing.

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Connectivity and Integration

From mobile and eCommerce to POS, connect all points of sales and data into a single platform that allows your businesses to integrate once and for all, wherever you are.


robust analytics

Insight Into Your Revenue

Gain actionable insight into your business and customers to drive growth, expand your company’s reach and engage customers in whichever way they prefer.

flexible and scalable

A Payment Processor That Fits Your Business

Whether you’re selling in-person, online or on the go, Luqra can help you process nearly any kind of payment, any way you require.


optimize your audience

Increase Customer Engagement

Recognize customers at checkout, offer more personalized experiences and make loyalty programs more effective at engaging customers in the digital world.

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