Resource Housing

Asset Sharing Built to Streamline Operations and Communications

Luqra ERP’s unique resource center securely stores and makes a vast array of multi-media content accessible to internal stakeholders and customers alike.


Content and Resources

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Multi-media content, training tools and resources, all at the click of a button.


Share documents and media content for internal sales teams and support agents or external customers, like merchants or independent sales agents


A seamless, user-friendly interface that saves time parsing through disparate file locations and online storage sites trying to find the correct resource


Leverage the smart resource center with the ability to parse or search through documents and assets by types, different hierarchies, and more


Make certain documents available for certain employees and/or merchants and agents based on their respective roles and responsibilities

One Platform. One Interface.

A Single Hub Of Content and Information

Luqra ERP’s built-in resource center comes chock full of additional features and functions for banks, FinTech and independent sales agents to distribute targeted messaging, assets and other materials with their audiences.

Document storage library – save PDF files or Word document templates

Marketing materials – Save approved marketing materials, including business cards, email templates, sales slicks, and editable documents or templates

Training videos- Save internal and external training videos

Terminal QRGs, etc. for self-assistance- Construct a learning resource center with standard operating procedures or quick reference guides

See For Yourself

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Learn how Banks, FinTechs, payment processers and ISOs streamline their asset sharing and communications using Luqra ERP's built-in resource housing.