Reporting & Analytics

Stop Managing Silos of Data and Start Growing Your Business

Luqra ERP provides acquiring Banks, financial institutions, payment processors and ISOs with a single source of truth so you can make data-driven business decisions.


Correlate, Analyze, Implement

Discard Manually-Driven Analysis To Focus On Superior Customer Management And Growth

Luqra's reporting and analytics means saying goodbye to manually-integrating and analyzing data in spreadsheets, and the human errors that come along with it. It eliminates silos of information and disparate systems by bringing reporting and analytics into a single, comprehensive solution.


Overcome silos of information and heterogenous collections of spreadsheets by consolidating data from key sources and then analyzing and reporting via a single interface

Industry-leading drill down capabilities to allow you to analyze your business at any hierarchy level: portfolio, sales channels, agent, and merchant

Focus on business growth and enablement via analysis of lead management, sales funnels/pipelines, merchant onboarding, etc

Get proactive by staying atop industry compliance issues, SLAs and your customer base via PCI reporting, TIN reporting, reserve reporting, chargeback reporting, and more

Actionable Insights

A Data-Driven Advantage

Get all the actionable information you need to scale your business. Luqra’s robust reporting capabilities provide banks and financial institutions with industry-leading, analytics built specifically to streamline your operations.

Merchant online reporting and portfolio statistics with performance forecasting

Agent online reporting with drill-down capabilities

Deposits, statements, disputes, ACH rejects, reserves

Ad-hoc reporting for any data point

MIDs by sales, chargebacks and/or processing

Hierarchy level reporting

Daily, monthly and YTD summaries

Batch and transaction reporting

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