Security & Compliance

Multilayered Security & Compliance To Ensure Your Data Is Secure

Luqra utilizes industry-leading cybersecurity, best-in-class development infrastructure, and premier hosting technologies to deliver secure, fast and reliable experiences to customers and partners.


Business standards

Aligned for Optimal Risk Management

Security and compliance – the two are interconnected, but they each have vast difference in requirements. It is essential for any business to adhere to the standards for both, but at Luqra out-performing these standards is at the heart of all operations.

PCI Compliance

Luqra is fully compliant with PCI DSS data security standards pertaining to payment card data security. This ensures secure handling of credit card information to minimize payment processing information and/or sensitive data from being compromised.


Luqra partners with industry-leading DDoS mitigation and application security providers to encrypt customer and merchant data, shield our applications and network from data breaches, and ensure both service uptime and top front-end performance. 


Continuous risk management and enhanced security for Today's Digital Infrastructure

Doing business in a digital economy demands agility as financial institutions expand activities across the digital ecosystem. They must invest in top cybersecurity to defend in this expanded threat surface. Thus, our best-in-class security coverage includes:


SSL & Encryption

Protecting customer data is what customers and auditors expect. Utilize encrypted traffic security to protect customer and partner information in transit.


DDoS Protection

Scalable, multi-layered cyber-defense against DDoS threats and attacks without the worry of disrupting legitimate traffic or users in the process.


Advanced App Security

Enhanced bot management, API protection and threat intelligence employed to secure applications, third-party integrations and customer domains.

One Platform. One Interface.

Hosting Services and Benefits

Luqra leverages Google Cloud, which maintains the most rigorous global security and privacy standards to ensure customer PII, records, transactional data and payment card information, is kept secure. Google Cloud provides identity management, networks security and threat detection and response, and is compliant most security standards.

ISO/IEC 27001

ISO/IEC 27017

ISO/IEC 27018




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