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Merchant Processing Agreement

These Terms and Conditions apply to your card processing agreement. For simplicity, we Luqra (“LQ”) refer to ourselves as “we,” “our,” “Processor” or “us” in this document. We refer to you (i.e., the legal entity or sole proprietorship on the Application) as “you” or “your” or “Merchant.” Other parties may also be parties to this Agreement (e.g., Member Bank, Guarantor, etc.). Terms that are capitalized, but not defined, are defined in Section 18 or in the Application.

Helpful Information

Website Compliance
Why is a Website Compliance Required?
Home Page Requirements
Contact Page Requirements
Checkout Page Requirements
Privacy Policy Page Requirements
Terms & Conditions Page Requirements
Refund/Return Policy Page Requirements
Shipping Policy Page Requirements
Why is Bank Account Verification Required?
Acceptable Methods of Bank Verification
Why are Bank Statements Required?
Business Applicant Requirements
Sole Owner Applicant Requirements
Why is Processing History Required?
Shopify Payments: Add Staff User Login Instructions
Stripe: Add Staff User Login Instructions
Other Payment Providers: Submit Your Processing Statements (with example)
Why is Identification Required?
Acceptable Identification Options
Why are Legal Documents Required?
Example: Articles of Organization (For LLCs)
Example: Articles of Incorporation (For Private or Public Corporations)
Why is Fulfillment History Required?
Proof of Fulfillment Options
Example: Service Agreement
Example: Invoice & Proof of Payment