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Luqra provides advanced, scalable payment processing solutions for eCommerce and Omni commerce businesses and their customers. Design your front-end website knowing it will have seamless integration on the backend with an all-in-one payment processing solution that consolidates POS, chargeback management, fraud protection, shopping integration, and more.


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Customer-Centric Payment Solutions For Digital Business


A Seamless Digital Experience

Provide a superb digital experience by partnering with a payment processor that offers seamless integration with shopping cart and inventory management systems. Synchronize orders, inventory and customer data across all channels and all systems.

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Proactive Chargeback Management

Luqra works directly with banks and processors, in real time, to proactively manage chargebacks via our industry-leading chargeback management solution to drive secure transactions, raise customer retention and improve overall satisfaction rates.


Beat Fraud and Faulty Transactions

Luqra provides easily configurable fraud filters and rule-based thresholds to set minimum transactions, payment velocity settings, geographic limitations, and more, to prevent the processing of fraudulent transactions before they go through.


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Reduce Costs, Protect Profits: Secure Your Bottom Line

Minimize and prevent authorization and chargeback fees as well as possible inventory loss resulting from fraudulent transactions. Maximize legitimate transactions while limiting potential fraud. Beyond just recovering revenue you’ve already earned, Luqra provides better fraud targeting and chargeback management to stop illegitimate disputes without impacting sales and your customer experience.

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