Switch Your Payments to the Fast Lane

Supercharge your business with next-day deposits, unlimited scale, and zero account freezes.


What we offer

Next day deposits to fuel your business, affordable rates to maximize your profit.

Whether you accept payments online or in-person, Luqra keeps payments simple, so you can focus on your success.

Online Payments

Luqra is a turbocharger for your online business. We provide next-day funding, uncapped processing*, and the lowest rates around. Plus, all Luqra merchants get a dedicated success manager to help you scale to the moon, while making sure there are no leaks that can lose you time or cost you money.

In-Person Payments

We define our success by saving you money, while providing you with the best technology on the market to make your life easier. Luqra will price match your current provider, then beat their rates! Plus, with our brand new point-of sale system and smart terminal, your order management will be as smooth as glass, and incredibly easy to use.

Luqra Payments

Empowering businesses with The most comprehensive payment processing solutions

Streamline your payment processing, fuel growth and provider your customers with a seamless purchase experience by partnering with a payment processing company that develops and integrates payment solutions and services for businesses of all sizes and across any industry.

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Payment Processing

Streamline your payment processing, accept payments from anywhere, fuel growth and provide your customers a seamless purchase experience.

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Merchant Accounts

Reliable merchant accounts with lightning fast processing and approvals, backed by the latest in innovative technology to meet all of your business needs.

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Fraud Protection

Proactively identify, manage and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions across any transaction.

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Chargeback Management

Effectively manage chargebacks to drive secure transactions, higher customer retention rates and improved overall satisfaction rates.

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Luqra ERP

One Platform. One Source Of Data. One Interface. All Of Your Needs Solved.

Luqra ERP is a financial hub that bridges financial endpoints and data silos into a single system so you can seamlessly manage the entire payment process, and all of your business operations, while maximizing customer engagement via a single interface.



Seamless integrations and borderless connections for a single version of truth

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Reporting & Analytics

360° reporting and analytics for a holistic view of all business operations and processes
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Security & Compliance

Multilayered security and compliance to ensure data security and industry integrity

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Business Enablement

Make smarter decisions, faster with the most robust back office and frontend management

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Fraud Analysis

Proactively monitor fraud and manage high-risk transactions from all levels of operation

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Payment Processing

Payments, processing and approval management built for speed and simplicity

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Customer Service

Customer support and engagement tools that drive resolutions and satisfaction

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Resource Housing

Effectively store and share a vast array of content to internal stakeholders and customers

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All-in-one platform

Seamless, Robust Analytics

Luqra takes a technology-first approach to payments and finance. By leveraging a unified payment solution, business owners can optimize operating costs, increase acceptance rates by providing a seamless client experience and fuel more growth for your business out of each transaction.

Why partner with us

Solutions Built Specifically to Grow and Scale Business

Partnering with Luqra means gaining a major growth factor for your business. Whether you're a Bank, FinTech or an independent small business - Luqra is there to help you scale through cost-cutting efficiency and user-friendly tools.

Real Time Processing and Approvals

Fast approvals with account activation and streamlined customer operations by using a platform that provides real-time approvals and payment processing.

Borderless Connectivity and Integration

From mobile and eCommerce to POS, connect all points of sales and data into a platform agnostic solution that allows your businesses to integrate once and for all, wherever your customers are in the world.

24/7 In-House Support, 365 Days of the Year

Dedicated, completely in-house customer support that is available 24/7/365. Reach us how you want and when you want by connecting with our devoted success and support teams.

Transparent Prices and No Rate Increases EVER

Whether you’re a business owner or an agent, Luqra is your payment processing on your terms. Grow your business with confidence by partnering with a payment processor that doesn’t increase rates and provides complete visibility into costs and pricing.

Industry-Specific Solutions

What You Need, When You Need It

From SMB payment processing to an enterprise-level financial ERP, Luqra provides solutions and software tailored to your business-specific requirements.